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temperatures in the low 30s, in a lot of spots, feeling colder, we have the winds from the north and west at 5- 15 miles an hour. that will be the trend as we go through the rest of the day. now, temperature in towson, 38 degrees, 37 owings mills and we are at 38 degrees now in clarksville. as we go in to the afternoon, temperatures are not going to warm up so much. we are going to stay dry for today. we can look at the most powerful radar, all the sweeps on, scanning the skies, not a lot to scan, this is the trend for today, and also tomorrow. we will begin to see some change in the forecast, and the turns of a nor'easter, affecting us wednesday and thursday. this is what we can expect planning today. lunchtime 48 degrees, 50 and breezy by 3:00 p.m. the race for the white house is nearing the finish line. >> president barack obama and governor mitt romney are focusing on states expected to decide the outcome and barn
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storming since friday. >> t am on is in boston. >> reporter: good morning, today is the final day of campaigning, both sides say they can win. mitt romney hits up five states today. republican challenger, mitt romney, is closing the campaign, promising voters bipartisanship and real change. >> i will find the men and women on both sides of the aisle, who care more about the country than they do about politics. with polls showing the race a dead heat the campaign is focused on turnout, at this field office in ohio, volunteers call a list of voters who think they lean republican and others knock on doors. >> i haven't made up my mind yet. >> reporter: enthusiasm among the base and strength will carry them to victory tomorrow. there is the reality of the math.
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without ohio, romney's path to victory is difficult, he is making a late play for pennsylvania, traditionally democratic turf. president obama focuses on three states the campaign hopes will be fire wall, iowa, wisconsin and ohio. if obama can win the states, that will give him 271 electoral votes. one more than needed to win a second term. mitt romney's campaign stop is tonight in new hampshire, he will be joined by his wife, ann and rocker kid rock after that, romney makes his way to boston for the big day tomorrow. there will be issues decided, expanded gaming. >> sherrie johnson continues the coverage with a breakdown of what is called question 7. >> reporter: we are live here in federal hill, about 10:15 at the inner harbor, governor martin o'malley will head to an event in support of question 7.
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question 7, would allow a las vegas style casino and table games, blackjack and roulette at the fife previously authorized slot locations, question 7 is a ballot measure rising or falling based on the number of votes it receives. under the constitution, major expansion of gambling, including new sites must be put to the statewide vote. the idea that table games are already an operation at casinos in three of the four neighboring states and patrons come from maryland, some say it's foolish not to compete. the state and prince georges county need the tax revenue, under state law, half the rv generated by slot members is marked for the education trust fund, which can be used to pay for education programs. some folks against question 7 don't think the money will go to help education. folks will line up, to vet
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vote yes or no for question 7. time to move away from politics for a moment and find out how your morning commute is going. >> loren cook, standing by with a check of the roads. >> we are dealing with several accidents across the region. we have trouble in north baltimore with a crab on charles street, northern packway, baltimore, in middle river, another accident on pulaski highway at martin. eastern avenue, notice traffic moving along, no delays now, through the fort mc henry, checking in and looking at 83s hunt valley, no problems to report here, it will remain clear, as you get onto the jfx, downtown, looking at a normal 11 minute ride, southbound from 695, to fayette street. 695, great shape. no delays from parkville to towson, on the west sides, remaining clear, with a drive time of 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795,
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towards 95. that's a look at your time saver traffic. over to you. ems crews from maryland are on their way to new jersey to help with hurricane victims. left a few moments ago, linda so, talked to them before they pulled off, she joins us life from millersville. >> they hit the road 15 minutes ago, before they left, they stepped inside the fire department headquarters behind me and had a short briefing on the assignment. area, are heading to newark, new jersey , the main responsibility is to coordinate ems resource there is to help with hurricane relief, joining other maryland responders providing help to hard hit areas, on saturday, a team of 50 doctors, nurses and paramedics left for brooklyn new york to work in medical shelters and hospitals. some working in er departments. they will be there for 7 days,
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they will stay longer as you have heard lynette talking about the nor'easter could be hitting the area. right now, they are scheduled to stay there for 7 days, we are hearing that a lot of the calls they are getting from 911 centers, people using generatessers and getting carbon monoxide poisoning. you can imagine being in the type of cold with no heat, a lot of people are using generators, but dealing with poisoning because they are not using them the proper way. the crews are heading up there now and arrive in new jersey in three hours. local restaurant and church heading to little egg harbor, new jersey. >> the ownesteak house in downtown baltimore and members of the epic church collected donations and heaters for people living without power. a van is packed full with bread dos from hms bakery, is owner, terry s getting cash donations
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from ravens players. >> within 15 minutes, they text back and said they are in with pledges, they will see me next week, give me the money. >> he plans to make trips every week for the next several months. we have included drop off locations in our story at the ravens are back in baltimore, coming off of a big winks getting ready for sunday's game with oakland. what you need to know about the game yesterday with the browns. the first, opened the game, resulting in a touchdown. ray rice going in for 8 yards deep. between then and the last fife minutes of the fourth quarter, nothing happened. the ravens trailed the browns by a point, before putting together a touchdown drive capped off by smith, that sealed the game, they tacked on a field goal, final score 25- 15. the ravens are hosting a purple evening geared towards female fans, the event features
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on field drills, an opportunity to meet some of the players. there will be games and prizes, tickets and autographed items, the event is sold out, from 4:00 until 10:00 this morning th evening.
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breaking news, people can't get a breaking a small earthquake, hit the northern pat of the state, just before 1:30 this morning, the 2.0 quake was centered in ringwood, a town still reeling with downed trees and power outages. there are no reports of damage because of the earthquake, the last time new jersey did have an earthquake was in february of 2011. sandy has come and gone and left a trail of damage in her wake. >> you need to be careful. joce sterman has a warning on why it's this week's scam alert. >> out of state utility crews came by the thousands to bail us out in the wake of sandy. they are not the only ones who made a move to maryland. they claim they can fix damage but really just want your cash.
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>> sometimes your emotions get the best of us. >> angie with the better business burreau says that can cost you big, if you have fallen trees, a damaged roof and mold from rising water, you shouldn't let someone who knocks on your door, do the work to fix it, unless you do research. >> deal with a contractor who is licensed, who also has workers comp insurance, get the information from them and call mhis or the better business burreau and let us verify the information. >> reporter: before you hand over money to any contractor, get details on the work in writing from the labor to the materials and the cost. all that should be listed in a contract you can evaluate before you pay. >> never pay in full until all the work is completed and completed to your satisfaction. if you pay before the work is done, you risk being hit by a super scam, in the wake of super storm sandy. goas joce sterman, abc2 news.
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anheuser busch is helping those affected by the storm. they are producing a million cans of drinking water for new york and new jersey. another storm is coming. >> exactly. this is going to be a classic nor'easter, riding up along the coast, rainy conditions and snow guys. we can see it, see the big blob of rain, back there, off around just off towards the west of illinois right now, this will begin to scoop down across the southeast, gather the moisture, and head up the coast. that's when we will see change in our forecast in to wednesday. for today, what we are dealing with, not a lot. this is a day to get out and do what you have to do, a lot of people cleaning up. tomorrow a good day as well.
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temperatures right now, though, oh on the cold side. columbia 36 degrees. buoy 39. more in edgewood, 38 degrees there, 37 bel air, 39 federalsburg, middletown at 40. the temperatures will feel colder, because we are dealing with the winds northwest, that's a chilly wind, northwest, 13 miles an hour, baltimore, 12 in dc, five in easton, we will have the winds continue throughout the day. ly call it breezy. it's going to be chilly and we are going to get sunshine in here as well. the reason why, well, high pressure is going to be on our side. high pressure in to tomorrow. lit begin to phase out as the system will start to do its thing and bring us clouds as we start to go in to tuesday night, especially wednesday, breezy and chilly conditions today's on tap for us, this is what future trend looks like. not a lot going on, you can see
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the system brewing up the coast there, looks like it stays away. this stays further away from us, you are dealing with the euro, sit a colder model, that's why we have the chance for snow in to wednesday and thursday. for today, the planner, afternoon temperature, coming in at 50 degrees, this is what the seven-day forecast looks like, brings us warmer as we head in to the weekend, especially for the ravens game. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> good morning, hopefully the weekend hurries up. i don't know if i can handle the cold weather. several accidents to tell you about, trouble in baltimore, a crash in middle river, right on pulaski, martin boulevard. another accident, north baltimore, on charles street at northern parkway. 83 will be nice and clear, as we check in and look at warren road, notice everything moving along, no delays once you get
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onto the jfx, downtown, as far as 95 is concerned, here is what it looks like downtown, 395, no problems to report, traveling through the fort mc henry, checking in and looking at the time saver traffic drive times, 695, going to be delay free, 11 minutes on the outer loop from 95, all the way up to 83, the west side in great shape, traveling the outer loop, 795, down to 95, that will take you eleven minutes as well. how much time does your child spends in front of the screen each day? >> experts say eating while in fronts of the screen could be a recipe for weight gain. kids may not read their cues of fullness and eat larger portions and less healthy foods, parents need to be the first line of defense. >> i think one of the positive aspects is we are creatures of habit. if we can create good habits, they will get deep in to their
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brain and be repeated. the hard part is getting started and repeating the behavior enough until it gets incorporated in to the child's mind set or habits. >> the study finds kids who were counseled about tv. does balancing your checkbook give you a headache? people solving tough equations showed the same brain activity link ed to the sensation of pain and people admitted having a fear of mathematics. >> 15 and full of courage. so are her parents. how she is crushing cars and wowing crowds. mom: ready to go to work?
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♪ ♪ every mom needs a little helper. that's why i got a subaru. announcer: love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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handing over the car keys to teenagers. >> imagine if they were used to start a monster truck. a 15 year old, showed off her skills at the arizona state fair, she says it takes a lot of practice, she needs to always be mentally tough. >> i don't pay attention to anything, i'm just driving. >> she is saving money from the gigs to pay for college. she says, she wants to be an engineer and study at stanford. good for her. today's picture, her dog got caught in a fence on her farm. look at the picture. this generated a ton of comments. i hope i make bail. may call saying here is johnny.
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check out the floor, it's made of money, a woman in pennsylvania used 250,000 pennys to create it. she owns a tatoo gallery and a coffee shop, she says it was cheaper to glue the money down than to buy the tile. she picked up the pennys and traded tatoos for the manpower. it took about 300 hours over 3 weeks to penny tile the floor which is a total of 800 square feet. i like it. it looks cool. >> kudos for creativity. 300 hours. >> seems like a waste of money. all over the world, pitching in to help the storm
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victims including celebrities stepping forward. follow the wings.
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sending it over to linda to lynette charles. >> get out and do what you have to do this morning, tomorrow, because we will see change in the forecast like you said by wednesday. talking about a nor'easter, moving in to town. i want to get you out the door this morning, doing so, you need a heavy coat, temperature in elkton, 38 degrees right now. easton 40.
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lithicum 41. bwi, it's going to be a cold one and breezy. this will be is scenario all day long am windchill, that 41 feeling like we are in the 30s this morning 38 like we are in the 20s. we had a freeze warning in effect for the viewing area, the national weather vis has canceled that. if you are traveling back in to virginia, be prepared for the freeze warnings to continue across the areas as we can see temperatures there in the low 30s. maryland's most powerful radar not on a lot now, we have all the sweeps on scanning the skys and it's going to stay dry through today and tomorrow, a great day to vote. this is what you planner looks lie, temperature at 40 degrees, lunchtime 48, by this afternoon, 50s we will have a sun-cloud mix across the area. now a check of the traffic with

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